My work depicts spontaneous paintings with the influences of Picasso, Klee, Schiele and Kandinsky. I begin with emotions, feelings and responses to dreams, stories or life experiences such as love, sorrow and happiness. I feel that painting is a physical success!

Many artists do not like black paint, I find it is the deepness of this one color that gives strength and conveys the emotional part of myself and  moves the viewer.  These dynamics of life's journey ; love, pain and deep emotional detatchments are in everyone's experiences throughout life. I include bright colors next to black to move the viewer toward my feeling of a form of escape from the more difficult aspects of life's occurrences;  meaning, I believe there is always hope!

When I contemplate the beginning of a new piece I sometimes rely on my own personal and spontaneous occurrences;  a drop of paint accidently falls on the paper or a smear of lipstick or a song may inspire me to begin the process. The spirit of a painting has a life all it's own; and a successful painting also has a spirit that lives on in the past, present and far into the future. 

​Marilyn Bianco 

Artist's Statement 

Photo by
Cerj Lalonde